Real Time Traffic Optimization in the Cloud


What is Trafluid


Trafluid is VTL's main product. It consists of a scalable cloud backend crunching real time traffic data. The most efficient traffic light state is calculated using advanced reinforcement learning techniques and pushed to the equipped vehicles.


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State of the Art Reinforcement Learning Techniques

How does it work

VTL optimizes traffic flow in a global way, rather than at the intersection level. We use multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithms to learn real-time traffic patterns across whole corridors.

A New Generation of Traffic Lights

Main Benefits of Trafluid

Trafluid is the next revolution of traffic management. Let's see why.


Commute time reduced by 40%

Thanks to our ML algorithms, less time is spent at the red light, which eases the overall traffic flow at the city level.


Micromobility and public transports

Trafluid prioritizes public transportation, thereby discouraging the use of private cars and incentivizing micromobility.


Real time traffic jam information

Drivers will be able to identify congested road segments in real time and avoid them, improving the overall traffic flow of a city.


Improved policy making

Data-powered insights are provided for city authorities to identifiy dangerous intersections and slow road segments.


Prioritizing emergency vehicles

Trafluid always gives police cars, ambulances, and firefighters the right of way.


Environment Friendly

Trafluid reduces the number of stops. The idling and accelerating phases of a vehicle cause the most noise and air pollution.


Money saved

Drivers will spend less on gas. City planning is more efficient thanks to accurate traffic data and saves taxpayer money.


Ready for the future

Trafluid seamlessly integrates with autonomous vehicles and relies on 4G/5G and Cloud Computing technologies.

Where does Trafluid get its data from?

Data Sources


Trafluid mobile app

The Trafluid mobile app is the main component of Trafluid. It sends real-time GPS data, current speed and heading to the cloud and receives traffic light state information in return.


Traffic cameras

Traffic cameras are cameras which may be mounted beside or over a road to detect vehicle positions, speeding, vehicles going through a red traffic light, unauthorized use of a bus lane, or for recording vehicles inside a congestion charge area.


DSRC Radios

Trafluid can be configured to work with DSRC (Dedicated short-range communications) radios in either a V2V or V2X fashion. DSRC are short-range to medium-range wireless communication channels specifically designed for automotive use.

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