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Every day, thousands of vehicles move around in airports all over the world. This giant traffic flow causes various accidents and can be difficult to manage and monitor. Drivers constantly break all kinds of traffic rules set by the airport authorities. At VTL, we designed a solution for this.

What we do

Features and Benefits

  • Aircraft Warning System detects drivers that get too close to a taxiing aircraft and sends warning messages to them.
  • Detects speed violations and alerts drivers. in real-time.
  • Detects entry into restricted zones in real time and sends warning messages to drivers.
  • Monitors behavior of drivers to enforce compliance with the airport rules and regulations at all times.
  • Traffic lights on the tarmac: VTL's technology provides traffic management between vehicles at both signalized and unsignalized intersections at an airport. Learn more about VTL's smart traffic light product.

Live Monitoring

Safety increased

The VTL solution allows airports to increase safety by live monitoring the airport fleet, detecting violations in real-time and immediately issuing warning messages. Live monitoring and alerting prevents restricted area violations, speed limit violations or drivers getting too close to a taxiing aircraft.

Smart Analytics

Efficiency increased

One major benefit of monitoring the airport traffic is the capability of finding domains of inefficiencies. Using analytics we can provide a comprehensive view of the airport fleet that is impossible to get from the ground (e.g. spotting idling vehicles or seeing where there are too many or too few vehicles).


Live Demos in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Some footage shot at the Riyadh International Airport

We have successfully demonstrated our product at the Riyadh International Airport. Find below two short video clips demonstrating our restricted area violation detection and our aircraft proximity warning system. Learn more about the history of VTL.

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